A Few From TX

You might recall that Karen and I went to the Harlingen, Texas area for some birding this spring.  I posted a few pictures from there but not very many.  Here’s a couple more from our trip.

Brown Jays are rarely seen in the U.S. but at least one has found a home just across the Rio Grande River within Santa Margarita Ranch (limited access via guide only).  One group of birders waited for it to show up for over an hour – we were luckier and it came within 20 minutes of our arrival.


I spotted this Buff-bellied Hummingbird illuminated by the early sun but the area behind it did not catch the sunlight.  A little bit of fiddling with Lightroom and I was able to make the background black for this interesting effect.


This Brown-crested Flycatcher perched atop a painted platform and posed with some branches in its beak.  I assume it was making a nest.


This male Indigo Bunting is the the process of molting.  Its bright blue feathers appear with splotchy grey and white plumage making it look like a colorful mess.


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