A Late Xmas Present?

I always learn something from Bajadreamer’s posts.  He submitted the three shots below (which are all GreatBirdPics) and you’ll notice that they are framed wider than the usual 3:2 ratio of film and (the default setting of) digital cameras.  In fact they are framed in a 16:9 ratio; I read his description and found out that he has a TV mounted in his house dedicated to vacation and bird pictures so these images fit perfectly on the screen.  Here’s how he does it (edited):

“Whenever I process an image I will crop it one way for the web and/or printing and if the image lends itself to a 16:9 crop I will do that also.  I cut the image down to 1920×1080 and try to get it under 800kb.  That way it will load and play on the TV with no delays.  That ratio works well for iPhone shots also. I put the pictures on a thumb drive and insert it in a USB slot on the TV.  Although most smart TVs will play slide shows, it is much better to get an app like “PlayUSB”.  It costs $2 and makes your slide show much more customizable”.  The PlayUSB app works on a Roku (about $50) and you can probably find similar apps for today’s smart TVs or other streaming sticks.  

What a great idea!  You can see your GreatBirdPics anytime if you can find space on your walls for a smart TV or just use an existing TV you set up to display your pics when not watching a show.  Let me know if you try this.  Thanks, Bajadreamer! 

Here are his Mallard, American White Pelican and Wood Duck pics displayed in 16:9 ratio.


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Beautiful shots!