Anatomy of a GreatBirdPic – 3/24/22

Hovering Hummer

While looking at the thumbnails in the Latest Pics section I spotted this hummingbird pic and thought, “I bet Emil Baumbach took it.” I clicked on it and right again – wonderful colors combined with action.  When you look at the picture below focus on the composition.  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is a bit small in the frame.  I’m sure Emil could have cropped the image so that the hummer was much larger right next to the clump of red flowers it’s headed toward.  By NOT cropping it down we see a wall of red flowers on the left and the small hummer approaching them.  You get a sense of the action – the hummer has selected this group of flowers to feed from among the many possibilities.  You also see more of the beautiful green backdrop that seems to shimmer around the plants and bird.  A very effective composition that allows the viewer to appreciate the whole setting and not just focus on the hummer.  Good decision, Emil!


Stay Safe.  Go Birding. Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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