Answers to What’s Wrong Part 2

What’s Wrong With These Pictures? 2.0 – Answers

Looking back to last week’s cliffhanger here are why the following pictures are flawed. (None of these pics have been loaded into GreatBirdPics so clicking on them won’t take you to their Individual Page).

We’ll start off with this Field Sparrow.  Nothing in this picture is in good focus so the failure was on my part – camera shake. Sometimes when trying to find the bird through the lens finder I click the shutter before steadying the camera.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker pic has several flaws.  First of all it is too small for the frame.  In most cases you want the bird to take up a majority of the frame.  Secondly the head is pointed away from the camera – the head it perhaps the most important part of the bird we want to see.  Finally there is a shadow passing over the head and the rest of the body which detracts from the image.

Here are a pair of Buffleheads.  If you look carefully the water behind the birds is in focus, but not the birds; this commonly occurs when taking pics of birds on flat surfaces like the water or the ground/path.  Also, the birds are along the edges of the frame, leaving the middle open; there is not composition here that draws your eye to the birds.

Here’s the easy one.  Again, there are several flaws in the pic.  First of all it is overexposed – everything is too light.  There’s a little camera shake going on because nothing is sharply focused.  The most important flaw is the branches blocking the view of some of the bird – particularly the head.

In honor of his birthday last Saturday I included his humorous pic.  In all other cases GreatBirdPics does not allow pictures of dead birds (even if perfectly done as Mark claims it was).

How did you do on the quiz?  I continue to work on the multi-part piece (lots of long pieces to look forward to 🙂 that will fully define how the judge the quality of a bird photo).

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Post Here.  Repeat.


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