Audubon Award Winners 2023

Each year I look forward to seeing the winners’ pictures of the Audubon Photography Contest.   Each shot, be it an award winner or honorable mention, is a stunning image of birds – just like we all would like to take.  This year the Grand Prize winner was of a pair of Rock Pigeons!  Yes, the same pigeons we see on city streets and roosting beneath highway underpasses.  The photograph itself was a very intimate look at a pair of pigeons grooming each other beneath a pier in British Columbia, Canada.  Just goes to show that we shouldn’t overlook the common birds around us.

The second photograph that caught my eye was that of an Atlantic Puffin perched on a cliff in Iceland.  The bird is relatively small in the frame: the much larger rock it stands on resembles a Puffin head and has patches of wildflowers growing on it and holes through it.  A truly extraordinary picture.

I can’t legally share the two pictures here but if you click the link below you’ll be taken to the web page that shows all the winning pictures.  Scroll down a bit to see the two pictures I described above.  Be sure to read the “Story Behind the Shot” for each of the images to give you an idea on how the photographers approached their subjects.

Audubon Award Winners 2023

Who knows?  Perhaps one day we’ll see a GreatBirdPic member’s shot as a winner.  One can only hope.


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