BIF Contest Honorable Mentions.2

Congratulations again to Emil Baumbach for being the winner of our BIF Contest (and $100)!  Nine other excellent shots were in the running for the Grand Prize.  Today we share the second set of Honorable mention photos.  I think you’ll agree that selecting one winner from these 10 was a tough decision.

Here’s another submission by Emil Baumbach.  Take a good look at it (particularly the outstretched wing) and you’ll see why this is such an extraordinary shot.


You should recall Ronald Zigler’s sequence of photos of a Red-shouldered Hawk flying by.  Xwinger pointed out how he liked the visibility of the shoulders in this shot.


Emil Baumbach just can’t help taking GreatBirdPics.  Here’s another of his entries that landed in the top ten – Owl Fight.  It shows two Short-eared Owls sparring high in the sky.


Osprey60 submitted a number of excellent hummingbird pics so Xwinger and I went over them very carefully.  In the end we thought that this shot of a Blue-throated Hummingbird was great.  Just look at the detail and the muted colors.  Such a wonderful shot!


Look for our next contest in June.  Another $100 will be up for grabs to the best bird photographer.  Any suggestions for topics?


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