Bird Photograph of the Week – 1/19/24

There were so many GreatBirdPics shared recently that it was very difficult to select one to feature this week.  It seems like everybody found at least one of their favorites to share within the past seven days.  In the end I really liked this picture of a Black-crowned Antpitta by Bajadreamer.  The frame positions the bird in the lower left corner, which reveals the old log the bird is perched on as it extends into the distance.  Being in the jungle of Panama you can bet there was very little light, which is why he slowed the shutter speed down to 1/250th of a second.  It’s very difficult to get a sharp photograph when hand-holding the camera at such a slow speed, but Bajadreamer did!  Award Worthy shot, Bajadreamer!


PS – be sure to click on the pic and read Bajadreamer’s description of the bird’s behavior in the jungle.


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