Can You See The Difference? An Explanation

Last week I shared Ronald Zigler’s beautiful picture of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding on a delicate lily.  (The first picture is no longer clickable).


After looking at the picture above I emailed Ronald and made a suggestion, which he was kind enough to try.  Then replaced the original picture with the one below. (You can click on this picture to get to the individual photo record).


I’m sure you noticed that the second picture’s bottom edge is lower, exposing more in that area.  But why did I suggest he do that?  If you look closely at the top picture the small brown anther (yes, I had to look it up) is cut off.  Such a small thing, but to me it made the photo look incomplete.  Will this small change transform the photo from a GreatBirdPic to Award Worthy?  Probably not.  However it’s little things like this that I pay close attention to when cropping my bird photographs, in order to display the image within the best possible frame.

Thanks again to Ronald for sharing his wonderful picture and trying a small modification.


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If you wouldn’t have pointed out the difference, I would not have noticed. That’s why I wouldn’t make a good picture judge.