Can’t Get Enough of That Red, White, and Blue!

Once I got to looking at all the pics sent in from our members I continued to see birds with red, white, and blue.  See if you can see what I saw:

Emil Baumbach got this wonderful shot of a Red-eyed Vireo.  Can you find the blue (hint: it’s a vireo)?


So the red is a stretch but this Eastern Bluebird certainly looks cute.  Thanks to WaynoBubba for the shot.


So this last one is a stretch, too, but it’s too good to leave out.  There’s got to be some white in there… The red and the blue are pretty obvious in this Red-legged Honeycreeper sent in from BajaDreamer (be sure to click on the pic and read his comments about the shot – he always gives us some excellent information about the shots he shares).


I think my patriotic duty is done – until next year!


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