Did You Spot the Flaws?

Did You Spot the Flaws That Decrease the Quality?

On Tuesday I shared the picture below of a male Summer Tanager feeding its chick and challenged you to find the flaws in the image that decreased its quality.  Take another look:

There are three flaws that I spotted.  The most obvious one is that the tips of the male’s tail has been cropped out.   That’s an easy fix.  The second flaw is that the image is not as sharp as it could have been.  This may have been that I missed the focus.  When this happens I check the image to see if the camera focused on something else (like one of the twigs) instead of the bird.  That doesn’t seem to be the case in this photo.  Therefore I probably wasn’t holding the camera still as I clicked the shutter button.  Other pictures in the set were much sharper than this one so my guess is in my excitement to get the shot I didn’t concentrate on keeping the camera still.  The third issue is the light background, which tends to wash out the birds.  Other pictures in the set had a darker background so I could have moved a couple of feet left or right and had a background that was in shadows, not bright light.  Below is a revised copy of the same image correcting the crop issue and I decreased the exposure so the background wasn’t so bright:

Did these changes help the image become an Award Worthy picture?  Unfortunately nothing can correct the lack of focus so this continues to be in the GreatBirdPic category.  However the improvement does increase the overall quality of the pic.


Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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