Down By The Ole Arb Stream

One day recently I decided to go over to the Morton Arboretum, park at P-28, and then stand by the stream that runs between Lake Marmo and Sterling Lake.  This is often a good place for warblers and other migrants in the spring because trees are on either side of the stream with good perches and of course water in the stream.  I just leaned up agains a big ole tree and waited to see what would come in.  Here are some of the birds that found me:

I was very pleased to have a Yellow-throated Warbler come in and out of the area several times while I was there.  Once it poked along the bank of the stream in search of bugs, other times it flew from perch to perch across the stream.  On most occasions this bird feeds high up in the trees but the stream enticed it to come lower.


The most numerous warbler is the Yellow-rumped Warbler.  It alone probably makes up about a third to half of all the warblers I see over the course of migration.  This male bounced around the far side of the stream but perched long enough for a few shots.


Next to Yellow-rumps, Palm Warblers are the next most numerous.  They can be spotted just about every time you go out looking for warblers.  This one hopped up on the trunk of a dead tree laying next to the stream.


The water is a big draw for many birds, not just warblers.  A Robin came down for a bath (doesn’t it look happy?) and a pair of Eastern Phoebes stopped by in search of a nesting area.


Red-bud Trees grow up and down the banks of the stream.  These trees bloom for just a few weeks in late April/early May and they make beautiful backdrops for any birds that perch in just the right location.  I was able to capture a young White-throated Sparrow and a Blue-headed Vireo with some Red-buds blooming behind them.


So next time you go down by the Ole Arb Stream set a spell and see what comes in.


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