Elusive Birds – 5/25/23

Some birds are just harder to photograph than others.  Some lurk beneath the bushes, others are rarely seen in an area, a few will hide way up at the top of the tallest tree they can find.  Here are a few pics of birds that have eluded the photographer – until now!

LinLark’s Tale: This Mourning Warbler had been eluding me for a few days, finally got a shot off the bridge and though not the greatest probably the best I could hope for.


From Birder1959:  99% of the photos I’ve taken of a Sora have been of their butt receding into the reefs, as they seldom stay exposed for long, but this one obliged me as I was on the boardwalk looking for warblers in a willow. Suddenly, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and slowly the Sora emerged from the reeds and gave me time to snap several good photos, of which this was the best.


From asteinmann: We found a family of four woodcocks at Wendy Park. Woodcocks are secretive, shy birds, and getting a good look (or photo) is difficult.


Birdygirl ends today’s post with: This was my first ‘good’ picture of an Oriole.


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