Evening Grosbeak – Overview And Images

About The Evening Grosbeak

According to All About Birds the Evening Grosbeak spends most of its time in central Canada, although pockets of them can be found in the Rocky Mountains (Colorado/New Mexico/Nevada) and as far south as Mexico.  In irruptive years, like 2020-21, larger numbers of them come south and were seen in the Chicago area – a group of Evening Grosbeak was regularly sighted that winter in Saline, Illinois which is almost as far south in the state as you can get.

Although one would think that the Evening Grosbeak would be in the same family as the more-common Rose-breasted Grosbeak, in fact it is a member of the finch family.  It’s large beak is used to crush seeds although in the summer they prefer small insects such as spruce budworm larvae. When we saw them at Sax-Zim Bog they were usually at the platform feeders (and below on the ground).

The first group of pics below are of the male Evening Grosbeak.  I love the yellow “unibrow” they have!


The pictures below are of the female Evening Grosbeak.  Not as showy as the male but still beautiful.


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