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GBP Notes 12/22/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

The last couple of days I’ve focused on some pics our new members have been submitting – welcome again!  Today some pics from our “old” members.

I continue to be amazed at the variety of birds LinLark finds in her backyard – she must have some sort of magic garden back there.  Here’s a Philadelphia Vireo she saw this summer (click on any pic to see a larger version along with full description and camera settings):

Will139 was out driving country roads when he saw this couple of Sandhill Cranes:

Emil Baumback was up early and got this wonderful shot of a Great Blue Heron at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.  The colors all have a yellow cast and the focus is sharp on the bird – a striking photo!

Birder2011 has gone from Owl Lady to Bird Chaser Lady – she hears about interesting birds and off she goes in search of them.  Purple Sandpipers are rare in our region and when a couple of them showed up in a marina off she went and came back with a pic of the pair of them:

That’s it for today.  Go birding.  Take pics.  Share here.  Repeat.

Happy Birding!


PS – If you would like to know more about GreatBirdPics or submit your own pictures click HERE.


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