Featuring our Members’ Pics

GBP Notes 10/27/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Our members keep submitting some stunning pictures.  Take a look at these – if you have time, write a comment to tell them what you think about their pic.

Crunch  Don’t miss this one – Emil Baumbach spent hours taking pictures as this Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron fed.  The picture he selected to share with us is spectacular.

Zeroing in.  Another classic Emil Baumbach pic of a Great Egret.  Note the reflection of the ripples from the lake across the body of the bird.

Offering a Nice Profile  LinLark highlights a useful way to ID a Hermit Thrush in her description.  Check it out.

Baby it’s cold outside!  Mtcrzy went out last week and it was Zero degrees!  He did get a great shot of a Western Meadowlark next to a pile of snow.  Brrrrrrr!

Keep those pics coming in!  Happy Birding!


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