Featuring Our Members’s Pics

GBP Notes 10/29/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

I enjoy featuring pics submitted by our members and today we have a couple from our newest member, Tess.  Tess is from Michigan and has submitted a couple of interesting pictures already.

Hunting mice in the woodpile  Tess indicates that this was taken in the United States Minor Outlying Islands.  Not sure where that is, but it’s an interesting pic.

Once upon a time… Tess’ story about this pic is all too familiar.  Human development has disrupted another bird habitat.

Fall Colors KayakingNC has one of my favorite birds blending in with the fall leaves.

Killdeer  Looks like KayakingNC was laying on the mud to get this shot.  Great perspective!

Target bird for us today: Little Tern.  What’s your birding goal today?  Happy Birdining!


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