GBP Bird Photograph of the Week – 1/5/24

Today’s Bird Photograph of the Week is of a Great Blue Heron and was submitted by Dan Rossi.  I don’t know why, but I can’t resist taking pictures of Great Blue Herons.  Maybe because they are easy targets (big and don’t flush easily).  Or because they remind me of the ancient dinosaurs they evolved from.  Perhaps it was this unusual look with the head upside-down and one wing outstretched was why Dan started shooting pics.  I really like the detail in the wing and the perch it is sitting on.  Notice how Dan framed the bird to the left, which brings our attention to the upraised wing and the touch of brown at the peak of the wing in the center of the shot.  Coincidence perhaps, but see how the branch coming up from the heron’s perch parallels the shape of the lower wing.  Well done, Dan!


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Who doesn’t like the Blue Heron? Great indeed!