GBP Bird Photograph of the Week – 11/17/23

Our Bird Photograph of the Week was taken by Bajadreamer and its a wonderful shot of a Pied-billed Grebe.  I love the water-level point of view and I noticed he said in his description he used a shutter release.  I wondered how that would work so I emailed him.  This was his reply:

I hand held the camera. I flipped the tripod foot on the lens over [so it was on the top] and held the camera just above the water (it was fresh water) and used the LCD screen to find and focus on the bird. While you can use the shutter button in this position, I find it much easier to use a wired shutter release. If you have tracking set to your shutter button on the camera, by half pressing the shutter release on the remote you can track the bird easily on the LCD screen and then push the remote shutter release when you desire. Allows you to get a POV roughly parallel to the water without laying down. I typically sit at water’s edge with my feet (in boots) in the water and hold the camera as described.

Brilliant and Award Worthy!



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Beautiful photo, beautiful bird!