GBP Bird Photograph of the Week 12/1/23

Our Bird Photograph of the Week was taken by Bajadreamer in Panama.  Here’s what he says about the shot:

“This is one of the more interesting birds we photographed in the Darien of Panama in April of this year. A Red-billed Scythebill, an uncommon bird even there. He is also very shy so difficult to see and certainly to photograph. He uses the long curved bill to pry under pieces of bark to search for insects. Fortunately for us, he has a very distinctive cry, so our guide, Oscar Fria, was able to detect him and set us up for photos. Difficult environment to shoot-LOTS of vines, leaves, etc, and a bird that would not sit still, this is the best shot we got (of 300 taken in 15 seconds).”


PS – Didn’t get an email out yesterday because the website was acting up.  Hopefully all better today.

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