GBP Bird Photograph of the Week – 2/2/24

Our Bird Photograph of the Week struck me as a double reflection!  The male and female Great Crested Grebes were in various mating poses and in this one the pair struck a nearly identical pose next to each other.  Rebecca Bowater shared this about these beautiful birds in New Zealand:

“10 years ago a man thought to save these birds from predators, he made floating platforms that were put on the lake in a safe area. The grebes would breed and increase in numbers. It is a success story! There are now 30 nesting platforms that are all being used. The grebes build the nests up with weed that they dive down to get from bottom of the lake.”

Be sure to click on the picture below and then scroll through the other shots she shared with us; some showing more mating poses and some of the floating nests she mentions above.  Thanks for all the pics, Rebecca!


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