GBP Members’ Bird Photography Showcase 11/16/23

We’re going back a couple of weeks ago to bring you several pics I really like to your attention.  Enjoy!

Mikeaff captured this Sedge Wren with great lighting on it.  The lighting really brought out the varied colors on this seldom-seen wren. GreatBirdPic!


Here’s another one with great lighting.  It sure looks like Dan Rossi was laying down to get this POV shot of a Solitary Sandpiper.  I also like the wide crop to give a better look at the horizontal lines of the bird.  GreatBirdPic!


Wow is all I can say about this next one!  Birder2011 got a spectacular golden background behind one of my favorite sparrows – a Lincoln Sparrow.  All the colors seem to blend in-well done!  GreatBirdPic!


The first of his “Big and Bold” series, Emil Baumbach somehow got near enough to an American Bittern to capture this stunning close-up.  Such detail.  Another GreatBirdPic!


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