GBP Member’s Bird Photography Showcase – 4/28/22

You Don’t See That Too Often

Sometimes birds pop up in unexpected areas and photographers flock to capture them.  Other-times bird photographers stumble across a rare bird while just walking along a path.  Either way they present us with some exciting photographs – like these!

We know that Wood Ducks roost in trees (which seems odd for a duck) but we rarely see them there.  That’s why it was such a pleasure to see Asteinmann’s classic photo of a male Wood Duck perched like a songbird on a limb.  These birds are easily flushed so its hard to get a picture like this – great job!


Emil Baumbach, along with many others, sought out a rare Marbled Godwit in nearby Waukegan.  Read his description about sighting this bird.


JackReich was hiking along in the Farmington Spine area of Utah and was pleasantly surprised to find a Dusky Grouse.  Grouse are notoriously skittish so congrats for getting close enough to get a wonderful closeup!

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Post Here.  Repeat.


If you would like to learn more about GreatBirdPics Click Here.  Members can post their own great bird pics, create an online gallery of their works, and receive emails like these on a regular basis.


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