GBP Notes 1/19/23 – Reflecting on Reflections

Reflecting on Reflections

Most of you know by now that I really like bird photographs that include a reflection of the bird.  These shots double the fun in displaying the bird, creating a very interesting image.  I like to frame these pictures in a certain way but instead of just showing how I do it I thought I would give you a chance to chime in on what you think the best composition for a reflection pic is.  Below are three versions of the same picture of a Purple Gallinule (one of my favorite southern birds) each framed differently.  Reply with which one is your favorite technique to create a beautiful reflection shot.

Shot A – Centered with the top of the both heads in the image equidistant to the top and bottom of the frame.


Shot B – The top of the reflected head nearer the bottom of the frame.


Shot C – The top of the actual bird’s head nearer the top of the frame.

What’s your preferred reflection shot A, B or C?  Reply and let me know.

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A then C then B, I like them all. On the way home from skiing just south of Manistee there were two Mature Bald Eagles perched in a very tall tree. What a terrific sight to see! Unfortunately, we were driving down an icy highway with no place to conveniently stop.