GBP Notes 10/1/20 – A Distant Emil Sighting

Good morning GreatBirdPics members!  Tuesday when Karen, Mark and I went down to Montrose Point on Chicago’s lakefront there was a Peregrine Falcon perched high on a tower on the pier.  It was so far away we had to use our scope to get an ID of it.  As we walked along the edge of the woods in search of birds I looked down on the pier and saw a man with a camera on a tripod and I said to Karen, “I wonder if that is Emil?”  We didn’t get down there during our day, but sure enough one of our best bird photographer members Emil Baumbach emailed me, after reading yesterday’s GBP Notes, to say that he was there trying to photograph that same Peregrine Falcon catching its prey.  That’s a tough task to get a speedy falcon in flight just as it snags a smaller bird in flight – Emil said he got a couple of shots but the lighting was bad.  Keep it up Emil, I know you’ll get a great shot (and share it with us!).

Emil did get a shot of a Black-bellied Plover, a rare bird here in Chicago the other day – looks like he was laying on the ground again to get this great one:

A rare Chicago visitor

Emil did get a shot of the Peregrine while he was down there – it perched close to him at one point.  A beautiful closeup – look at the detail in the face and feathers:

King of the Hill

I did get a shot of a bird on a nearby tower to where the Peregrine was perched.  Can you guess what it is?*

Drying Out High on the Tower


Off with birding buddy Mark to a new place today.  Will report back.  Until then, Happy Birding!

* The bird on the tower is a Double-crested Cormorant.



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