GBP Notes 10/12/20 – Farewell to Warblers

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Now into mid-October, only a few straggling warblers remaining.  Here’s another look at these beautiful birds:

Beautiful Warbler  The male Chestnut-sided Warbler has a shock of yellow on its cap with a brown streak going down its side.

Fluffy Palm  This Palm Warbler was all fluffed out.

Yellow Warbler Up in the Trees  The blood-red streaks on its breast is such a contrast to the bright yellow overall.

Courtship Display?  This Prothonotary Warbler held a winged bug in it mouth for a long time for me to see, perhaps as part of a courtship display.

Our next bird season is waterfowl.  After the warblers fly south, many different types of waterfowl fly into our area, many stay here in the winter.  It’s tougher to get close enough to them for good pics but it’s worth the effort.

Happy Birding!


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