GBP Notes 10/13/30 – Out On a Limb

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Birds can be found sitting on the ground, swimming in the water, flying overhead, and perched on a limb.  Today we feature some of those great shots of perched birds:

Lone Wanderer  LinLark must have a wonderful backyard to get so many different birds to come visit.  This is a great shot of a bird migrating into our area just in the past week or so.

The Eye!  Here’s a Least Flycatcher perched in a small tree.  I caught it as it cocked its head so we could get a good look at the large, white eye-ring it is known for.

A King on Its Throne  Kingbirds like to perch out in the open.  This allows it to scan the area and take off after a flying bug easily.  I got this shot a couple of years ago while visiting my dad in South Carolina.

Crest Stands Up  I caught this one perched on a log this spring.  I love the light-yellow breast.  Note the reddish highlights in the wings and tail.

Gotta get off my perch and do somethings around the house – or play golf.  Can’t decide.

Happy Birding!


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