A Merlin Comes in for a Landing

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Yesterday I shared a sequence of images showing a Wilson’s Snipe probing the mud with its long beak.  Today another sequence -this time of a falcon landing on a branch.  These two pictures were taken by Birder2011 out at West Branch Forest Preserve a couple of days ago.  The falcon is a Merlin, a relatively small raptor with an huge eye and is a very fast flyer.

Birder2011 told us where to look for the Merlins so we were there yesterday and thought we saw one fly by but no chance for pics.  Here are her two pics of a Merlin as it approaches a dead tree for a landing:

In the second image it actually looks like the Merlin is about to use its powerful beak to grab on to the branch!  A great sequence of shots, Birder2011!  She said she was going back to the same area today in search of a Nelson’s Sparrow and a Le Conte’s Sparrow known to be out there.  Both are beautiful sparrows but very reclusive.  Good Luck!

Happy Birding,


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