GBP Notes 10/19/20 – Member Pics

Good Morning GreatBirdPics members!

I was off in Michigan this past weekend playing golf with my son and three other dads and lads.  The eight of us started this golfing tradition about 18 years ago and because my son was a missionary in Honduras for the past 7 years this is the first time in awhile that all 8 of us have been together.  There were birds to be seen but I didn’t bring my binoculars or camera in the golf cart so I didn’t view many of them.  What I did view was the beautiful fall colors – well worth the trip right there.

Our members have submitted some great pics – check these out:

Just Hanging Around  LinLark captured this one at her feeder hanging upside down.  Good one!

A misty sunrise.  Emil Baumbach entered this beautiful picture with the bird silhouetted by the early morning mist.

Chowing down on conifer seeds.  Another upside-down bird feeding pic.  Great one Emil!

Cedar Waxwing in early morning light.  Emil Baumbach captured this bird perched on a stick.  Take a close look at all the colors on the bird – even the very tip of the tail!  GreatBirdPic!

Well it is past 6:30 AM here in Chicagoland and it is still dark as night outside.  Can’t go birding yet.  If you go out today take some pics!  Happy Birding!


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