GBP Notes 10/20/20 – Member Pics

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

We “babysit” our three-year old granddaughter Lucia on Mondays and we try and get outside during part of the day.  We wanted to show her the horses over at Danada Farm so we walked around there.  Mind you, it is difficult to bird with a three-year-old running down the path ahead of you, singing and laughing all the way.  I didn’t even think about taking my camera, but there were a lot of birds there.  A Ruby-crowned Kinglet fed right next to the path – I could have reached out and touched it, it was so close.  Next time I’ll be prepared!

Here are some pics from our collection of over 3,000 images:

Nectar droplet caught in midair.  Emil Baumbach does it again with an incredible pic!  Don’t miss this one.

Grubs, its whats for dinner.  Another “Emil” classic.  Be sure to read about what’s going on in the description.

Towhee Fans Tail  I took this shot as the Towhee spread its tail out wide enough to see the white feathers bordering the tail.

GBH Closeup  I can’t resist taking a picture of a Great Blue Heron – probably because they are so big and stay still so I can get a shot of them.  Also they are beautiful birds.

If the weather cooperates we’ll be going out later this morning – and I’m bringing my camera!  Happy Birding!



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