GBP Notes 10/25/22 – Members’ Bird Photography Showcase

Pretty Bird!  Pretty Bird!

We are now less than 75 pics shy of 8,000 GreatBirdPics!  For a very long time I had submitted the majority of the pictures but that changed this summer as more and more pics came in.  Let’s take a look at some recents:

Just look at the orange eyeing on the Eurasian Blackbird!  Such an unusual and striking field mark!  Great capture of both the male and female by Rebecca Bowater.


John Weisgerber caught one of our migrating Yellow-rumped Warblers out and about. Nice and sharp pic!  His original pic showed more of the out-of-focus leaves to the right – this shot helps the viewer focus on the bird.  Thanks for giving it another edit, John!


Steinmann spotted a Merlin and got some good shots of one through the branches.  Great job getting the focus on the bird and not the wood!


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