Quickly Changed My Mind

I’ve had my Canon 7D Mark II for just over five years and I’ve been itching to get one of Canon’s latest mirrorless cameras.  The Canon R5 and R6 came out over two years ago so there is lots of information out there comparing the two.  I decided early on that I wanted the more expensive R5, but at the last minute I changed my mind (thanks to Ken Rockwell’s review) and ordered the R6.  The R6 is comparable to the more expensive R5 in many ways so I decided to save some money and get the cheaper R6.  Many head to head reviews recommended doing the same.

I ordered the R6 from B&H Photo Video and it came within three days.  I watched a couple of videos on how to set it up for bird photography and then took it out in the back yard and took some shots of the birds at one of our feeders.  I then took some shots of the same feeder with my old 7D Mark II.  Based on those two shots I decided right then and there to return the R6 and get the more expensive R5 (thank you B&H!).  Here are the two shots:

Canon 7D Mark II with 400mm lens


Canon R6 with 400mm Lens

What did I overlook in my research?  Why did this make a difference when most comparisons of the R5 and R6 said the “extras” on the more expensive R5 weren’t worth it?  I’ll answer that in two weeks after I get back from our vacation in Ireland.


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