Members’s Bird Photography Showcase 10/9/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

We’ve had some beautiful pictures submitted lately by our members.  Check them out!

Great Blue Heron Jumping to a Bridge  Gurineb has a couple of action shots here.  This first one shows a Great Blue Heron starting to leave the water.

Great Blue Heron Landing  Here’s the next shot showing the GBH about to set down on the bridge.  Nice sequence gurineb!

The portrait  Birder2011 has a great profile view here.  I love all the different colors of blue she captured.

No Red in this Eye  Not in the eye, but to make up for it the bird was captured surrounded by red berries.  Great composition LinLark!

Rusty Blackbird  I really don’t know what I thought a Rusty Blackbird looked like but it wasn’t this.  Now I know what to look for – great shot Birder2011!

Keep those pics coming in!  Get out and bird this weekend – Happy Birding!


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