GBP Notes 11/29/23 – Members’ Photography Showcase

Hi gang!  Looking over some of the recent pics and found a few you might like.  Take a look!  PS – Working on another photography contest.  It will start soon so stay tuned!

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet has two qualities: 1) it rarely stays still for more than 2 seconds, and 2) it rarely shows more than a glimpse of its ruby crown.  So call me a liar, mikeaff!  Nice shot of one preening.


Some people have all the luck.  Chuck Berginc looked out at his backyard feeder (in Colorado) on a cold day and saw this Northern Pygmy Owl!  It evidently stayed around for 5 minutes before taking off.


Could you win this stare-down?  I don’t think so.  This Cooper’s Hawk was feasting on a House Sparrow and just dared Osprey90 to take it away.  By the way the name “Cooper’s Hawk” is going to be changed as part of an effort to do away with birds named after people (cause people do the darnedest things).  GreatBirdPic!


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