GBP Notes 11/9/22 – Warblers

Warbler Wednesday!

We are at the end of warbler migration season ūüôĀ with just a few Yellow-rumped Warblers hanging around. ¬†Our member Burningnaturephotograpy shared some GreatBirdPics of them lately. ¬†Just take a look:

I just love this pic by Burningnaturephotography (BNP) of a Golden-winged Warbler. ¬†It looks like it’s about to spring into action!


Here’s another of BNP’s pics – a Cape May Warbler. ¬†I can’t say I know the song he was quoting but I do know I like the shot.


Black and White Warblers are tough to photograph because they jump around more than other warblers and they are hugging tree trunks and limbs.  BNP got a pretty good shot of one (even a catch-light!).


BNP shared a Palm Warbler pic as well.  Looks like he likes these off-center shots РI do too as it makes the bird in the image look more a part of the habitat, rather than the image predominated by the bird.


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