GBP Notes 12/14/21 – Raptor Roundup

Raptor Pics Added By Members

I love it when our members remember a recent pic and post it on the site.  This seems to be what occurred last week when I posted the pics of the Merlin and Kestrel atop a utility pole – several pics of raptors popped up shortly thereafter on the site.  Take a look –

Ronald Zigler posted a great shot of a Merlin on top of a pole with its prey.  He notes that Merlins may seek out those flat-topped poles to rest and enjoy their meals.  Nice shot!


Here’s a pic by Randall28 of a Kestrel enjoying a meal.  Like the Merlin, the Kestrel has big eyes so it can easily see prey like mice and voles far below as it flies over.  Karen and I were at Danada (where Randall28 took this picture) and saw the same Kestrel hovering in mid-air.  It was able to stay in the same place for well over 30 seconds as it scanned the ground below (alas, too far away for a pic).


Randall28 didn’t have to leave his house to get a nice closeup of a Cooper’s Hawk.  He stuck his lens out a window in his backyard and got a great head-shot of the bird before it flew off after a Downey Woodpecker.


Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.  


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