GBP Notes 12/7/22 – Members’ Bird Photography Showcase

Pretty Bird!  Pretty Bird!

I’m always pleasantly surprised when I check the Latest Pics section and find a pic or two submitted by a member we hadn’t heard from lately.  Here are some of those pics:

JamesD is a train buff and as he was waiting for a target train to come by he spotted a Turkey Vulture overhead.  His response, “I’m not quite dead yet.”


JayBlue44 snapped a nice closeup of a Great Crested Flycatcher.  Nice pose and a good view of all the important field marks.  Well done!


Bajadreamer is out and about – in Ecuador!  He says he’s just started to process the pictures he took while there so let’s hope he has many more like this Black-banded Crake to share with us.  GreatBirdPic!  You just have to read his description of how he got the shot (click on the picture below).


He said he hasn’t shared a pic in awhile, but Hmeade2108 got a great closeup of a Snow Bunting – one of my favorite birds.  Looks like he was laying down on the ground to get the shot (see above).


That’s it for now but I know there are lots more GreatBirdPics out there sitting on your computers – go ahead and share them!


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