GBP Notes 2/16/23

Pretty Bird!  Pretty Bird!

Our members continue to share their pictures of new species (and subspecies) from all over. Take a look:

LinLark was in Mexico recently and got a picture of a Cinnamon-rumped Seedeater.  That’s a new one on me – maybe for you, too.  Yes LinLark – it’s a first for the site!


Some birders go to great lengths to see and photograph a bird species for the first time.  How many times would you go out to find a subspecies though?  Birder2011 went three times to see the Oregon subspecies of a Dark-eyed Junco.  As you can tell from her photo it was worth the trip.  By the way, it is extremely difficult to get a shot this good with the very bright white snow and breast and the black head of the bird – well done!


What would you do if you saw a creature like this walking around your deck?  Rebecca Bowater took a picture of it – a Weka (otherwise known as a Maori Hen in New Zealand).  Best wishes to Rebecca as the North Island was being pummeled by a storm a couple days ago.


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