Bird Photographers Go To Extremes to Get the Shot

Above and Beyond

First of all, a big Happy Birthday to my dad – 93 years young today!

I wanted to share a couple of Bird Tales and pics from our members.  They went above and beyond to get the shot.  Just see what they went through to get the shot…

From Hmeade2018:

The looks we got of this American Three-toed Woodpecker was way beyond anything I was expecting. It completely made up for the fact that we stood on the side of a county road north of Sax Zim Bog for 2 hours in -20º weather waiting for him to make an appearance.  We first heard him peeling bark deep in a spruce thicket on private property. After a while I spotted him flying across the road, and the long wait was rewarded with looks of him foraging at eye level! 

From Emil Baumbach:

This Mandarin Duck has been up in Milwaukee for a few weeks and I finally decided to go up and shoot it. It was tough to get him in the open, away from the Mallards he was bossing around, so I decided to go for a few head shots. To get a nice background I laid on the ground and waited for the bird to approach. I’ve got many nice shots but I like this one which had the bird flaring his cheek feathers. Even though it’s likely an escapee it certainly was fun to watch its behavior and interaction with other birds. A bird like this certainly sparks interest and the imagination of all who see it.


Many thanks to HMeade2018 and Emil Baumbach for sharing their hard-eared photos with us.


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