GBP Notes 2/9/23

Pretty Bird!  Pretty Bird!

Our members continue to wow us with some great shots they’ve taken here and there.  Take a look:

Our New Zealand Naturalist Rebecca Bowater shared a couple pictures of Bar-tailed Godwits flying around her place.  She said they are fattening up in preparation for their return migration in March.  On their way back north they will stop in the Yellow Sea area (between China and North/South Korea) to feed before taking off for the tundra of Alaska to breed.  In October they fly non-stop from Alaska to New Zealand.


HMeade2108 was in the woods in search of a Barred Owl and got this interesting shot of the owl looking up.  Great composition – makes the viewer wonder what’s up there (it was a Blue Jay out of frame).


Linlark got this pic of a Snowy Plover, which she says is “absolutely adorable.”  Who am I to argue?


Birder2011 went back three times to get a picture of a sub-species.  Dark-eyed Juncos are common here in Chicagoland during the winter – in fact they are called “Snowbirds” because they show up just as the snow begins to fly here.  The Oregon subspecies of the Junco and is typically found out west, but one has been hanging around the feeders in nearby Fullersburg Forest Preserve.  I’ve looked for it three times and have yet to even see it.


PS – Happy birthday Kevin!  A wonderful son and loving father.

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