GBP Notes 8/11/22 – Barn in a Blind

Overcoming Fear

On a recent trip to McKee March we were in search of various shorebirds that gather on the mudflats this time of year as they migrate south.  We did see some shorebirds, but what was more interesting was the drama inside the bird blind we were standing in.  As we were looking out toward the marsh, a Barn Swallow or two seemed intent on flying into the blind from the back end.  One of them perched just outside of the blind.


Looking around the blind we noticed a Barn Swallow nest perched up in the rafters with four chicks peaking their heads out.   They were getting hungry, but the adults were afraid to come in because of the five humans inside the blind. Here’s a shot of the nest with three of the four chicks begging for food.


Finally the adult’s need to feed the chicks overcame its fear of the humans and it flew into the nest to feed the chicks.


The adult Barn Swallow then made several trips back and forth with food for the chicks, ignoring the humans and the clicking of their cameras.

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