GBP Notes 8/24/22 – Members’ Pics

Take a Flyer

It’s no secret I love BIF pics.  To capture a bird in mid-air takes planning, proper camera setup, and some luck.  Here are a few recently submitted for our viewing pleasure:

Well, first you’ve got to walk before you can fly.  This Southern Giant-Petral runs across the water as it attempts to gain enough speed to take to the air.  Take note of the wide crop of the frame so we can see as many of the “steps” in the water as possible.  Great job Rebecca Bowater!


Emil Baumbach is a patient bird photographer.  In his description he noted the Ruby-throated Hummingbird was back and forth to this flower continuously “over the course of a few hours.”  Lord knows how many shots he took, but the one he shared with us is definitely Award Worthy!


WaynoBubba’s picture of a Cattle Egret just taking off is great.  I was struck by the fact that I had never seen a Cattle Egret fly!  I always see them foraging on the ground.


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