GBP Notes 8/3/22

Birds of New Zealand

Our Naturalist Rebecca Bowater continues to regale us with pictures of her homeland, New Zealand.  Sometimes I like to collect her pics and share them in one post.  Here are some of the interesting birds from this far away land.

You can see why the Tui is also called the Parson Bird by looking at the white feather on its breast.  Reminiscent of an old time parson’s garb.  Beautiful colors mixed throughout the black feathers.


We often think of Albatrosses as graceful birds gliding in the sky.  Here Rebecca captured on floating on the sea during a pelagic trip.


Although seen in other places around the world (I saw several in Aruba) this is still an interesting owl as it can be easily seen during the daytime and resides on the ground and not in trees.  The Burrowing Owl makes its nest underground.


We end our NZ tour today with a look at two Silver-eyes.  Also known as White-eye and Wax-eye, these birds are seen preening each other.

Thanks Rebecca for sharing some of New Zealand’s beautiful birds with us.


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