GBP Notes 8/30/22 – Some Galapagos Birds

Thanks For The Boobies, Rebecca!

As most of you know, Rebecca Bowater is a naturalist from New Zealand.  She has many interests, including fungi and other flora.  We are fortunate that she also has an interest in birds and that she has been to many interesting places around the world.  In 2016 Rebecca visited several of the Galapagos Islands and I’m sure she was in naturalists’ heaven.  She captured some great pics of some of the many bird species that can be found there.  Here are a select few:

There are several types of Boobies on the islands.  These birds nest on the ground and in low trees because there are no predators there.  Here’s a Red-footed Booby preening.


Blue-footed Boobies are one of my favorites. They use their bright blue feet to attract a mate as they do a little dance in front of a female.  The chick on the right will develop its blue feet soon.


A third type of Bobby encountered in the Galapagos is the Masked Booby.  It’s name is pretty obvious from this pic.

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