Birds of Tanzania

I thought I would feature some great looking shots from Tanzania today.  Karen and I were there several years ago on safari.  As you might recall, it was during that trip that I first starting taking photos of birds – the mammals were seen on a regular basis, but the birds were everywhere so I always had a subject to “shoot”.  Other members have posted pics taken there, too.  Hope you get to go there someday:

Kori Bustard in the Serengeti  I took this one from our open-topped van while driving through the Serengeti.

These are scary looking birds!  Our resident avian vet DRSEMCD got a great shot of these large black and red birds.

Hornbill in Tanzania  Another hornbill, this time shot in Taranire National Park.

Hornbill eating seed  Back to the Serengeti, where I got this shot of a different hornbill.

Hope you liked our quick bird tour of Tanzania.  Have a great weekend.  Happy Birding!


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