GBP Notes 9/29/20 – Member Pics

Good Morning GreatBirdPics members!  Some great bird shots are coming in.  Take a look:

Green Heron  Take a close look at the size of the feet on this one.  Like yesterday’s Sora, the large feet help keep it on top of marshy water instead of sinking in.  Nice shot, KayakingNC!

Red-shouldered Hawk  Birder2011 has caught a fairly rare hawk to Illinois.  Nice one!

Snuggle time  The Owl Lady strikes again!  Birder2011 has a knack for finding owls (I have a knack for finding House Sparrows).  The owl does look like it’s wrapped up in a blanket.

A rare Chicago visitor  A single rare bird sets down in Chicago and Emil Baumbach finds it!  How does he do it?

Tough bird to photograph  Emil Baumbach says it’s tough to photograph – then how does he end up with such a great pic?  A rare one, too!  We’ve never seen one of these.

Off to the beach this morning.  Happy Birding!


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