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Greetings fellow GreatBirdPics members!  Here are a few items of interest about the website and our members:

Constructive Criticism?.  Most of the pictures you share are wonderful images of the birds we love!  Once in a while I see a picture that, with a little editing, could be even better.  I would like to offer my opinion (remember – it’s just my opinion) to anyone who would like it.  I would use the Comment section for a picture to do so, which means the author of the picture would get an email and others viewing the site would be able to read it, too.  I wouldn’t make constructive criticism comments about pictures from those who don’t want it.  What do you think?  Anyone feel strongly in favor or opposed?  I’ll announce my final process (if there is a favorable response) after I hear back from you – Reply to this message with your comments.

More Travel = Less Emails.  The next two months I will be traveling extensively.  Some of the time I will be unable to compose a daily email.  It doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the site, it’s just that time (or web access) doesn’t allow me the opportunity to send out as many emails as I usually do.  If you don’t receive one for a couple of days don’t think it is a problem – it’s just me out having fun!

Wishing for Quick Recovery – We care about our members and send out well-wishes when I hear they are sick or injured.  Please keep Rebecca Bowater in your thoughts and prayers as she has been in the hospital with jaw surgery and to our newest member DLQ who is laid up at home (during migration season, no less!).  Quick recovery to both!


if you would like to learn more about GreatBirdPics.  Membership is free and members can post their own great bird pics, create an online gallery of their works, and receive emails about bird photography and birds.

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Safe travels! Positive Karma to Rebecca and DLQ for rapid and favorable recoveries. Mike, you created this wonderful site and I believe the members are likeminded in their love of birds. For me personally, I would welcome any tips or pointers that would make a photo better. That being said I haven’t contributed personally but hope to someday!