Great Bird Pics from Brazil

Rebecca’s Been Busy During Lockdown

As reported last week, our New Zealand naturalist Rebecca Bowater has been in lockdown due to COVID.  One way she is spending her time is to share some of her GreatBirdPics from her travels with us.  Here are just a few of her pics:

While at the incredibly beautiful Iguazu Falls in Brazil she found this interesting Plush-crested Jay perched not far from her picnic area.


While in the Pantanal Delta, Brazil she found a Monk Parakeet in its natural environment.  You might recall a story I wrote last year about the presence of a small Monk Parakeet colony not far from my house.  They were released in the Chicago area many years ago and have survived, thanks to the help of the late mayor Harold Washington.


Looking a bit like a skinny grouse the Chaco Chachalaca is not only an interesting bird to look at its name if fun to say out loud.


Perhaps a distant relative our our Northern Flicker, this Campo Flicker was found sitting on a post at the side of the road in Pantanal, Brazil.


Thanks Rebecca for sharing your travels with us!

Stay safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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