GreatBirdPic’s Bird Photograph of the Week – 4/28/23

There have been lots of GreatBirdPics coming in lately so it’s making it more and more difficult to select a Bird Photograph of the Week, but that’s why I get paid the big bucks…  Bajadreamer submitted this image of a Bare-crowned Antbird from Costa Rica.  I’ll let him tell the story:

This bird, a Bare-crowned Antbird, is the ultimate skulker. Lives deep in the rain forests of Central America, and although it can fly, it usually is seen on or near the ground. This shot was taken from a boat in Costa Rica. The boatman, a master guide named Chambita, heard the bird calling and steered the boat through the root filled canal and found him. He sat for a short time and allowed us to take multiple shots.

I love the interesting background in the shot and the bird is really spectactualr.


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What an incredible looking bird! Love the blue mask!