GreatBirdPics Notes 9/23/20 – Hearing Birds

Good morning GreatBirdPics members!  About 8 years ago I suddenly lost all the hearing in my left ear – which was my “good” ear.  My ENT doctor recommended a BAHA device which didn’t work as well as I would have liked so I stopped using it.  Monday afternoon I received my new hearing aides.  The one in my left ear isn’t really a hearing aide but a transmitter; sound coming in from that side is transmitted to the device on my right ear and then amplified.  The right-side device, in addition to being a receiver, is also a hearing aide for the right side.

Yesterday when I went out birding with Karen I could hear so much more!  Before, when Karen would ask, “Did you hear that Pee-wee?” I had to answer, “No.”   Yesterday I could!  Now that I can hear so much more I am going to have to train myself to identify birds by their call.  Those that have a great ear for birds can identify so many more than those of us who just look for them.  Hearing a bird helps you know what to look for and where – hearing a Pee-wee then informs you that there is one out there and you should look on a twig or limb hanging out in the open about 10-20 feet above ground.  I’m looking forward to hearing those birds and finding more to photograph.

Speaking of photographs, here are some recent ones from our members:

Pileated Woodpecker KayakingNc submitted this great pic of one of my favorite woodpeckers.

Pileated Woodpecker Imagine that!  Two pics of the same species submitted at virtually the same time.  Will139’s submission is equally great!

They’re back!  Straight from LinLark’s backyard, a great pic of a Red-breasted Nuthatch.  Take a second look at any Black-capped Chickadees around and make sure they aren’t this type of Nuthatch.

Hawk in the Woods  Gurineb submitted this great picture but she is not sure of the ID.  She thinks it may be a Red-tailed Hawk but she wasn’t sure.  Can you help confirm the ID on this one?

Happy Birding!


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