GreatBirdPics Notes 9/24/20 – Near the end of Migration

We know we are getting near the end of warbler migration season when the Yellow-rumped Warblers start coming through in large numbers.  A couple of days ago we spotted the first of these, our most numerous birds, at our nearby forest preserve.  Yesterday there were a lot of them to be found.  Although the Yellow-rumped Warblers are pretty, it’s too bad there aren’t as many Magnolia or Blackburnian warblers to be seen.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers are usually the last species of warblers to come through in the fall.  Yes, there is an order in which warblers arrive in the spring and fall (although there is a lot of overlap during those times).  So seeing a lot of Yellow-rumps now means that warbler migration is about over. They’ll stick around a bit, feeding and gaining energy before heading south.  Good-bye!  See you next spring!

Here’s a couple of pics of Yellow-rumped Warblers from yesterday:

Fall Yellow-Rumped  A nice pic, but doesn’t show the yellow rump.

Yellow-rumped in Yellow Flowers  Nice pic with yellow flowers.

Here are a couple great pics of an Ospry recently submitted by KayakingNC:

Osprey  Nice look at the entire bird.  Fierce-looking!

Did I say you could take my picture  Glad I’m not a fish!  Great closeup!

Happy Birding!


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